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Formerly the Molecular Epidemiology Working Group (MEG)


The mission of the AACR Population Sciences Working Group (PSWG) is to foster and strengthen team-based, transdisciplinary research to develop a more integrated understanding of cancer etiology and outcomes in human populations. 

Why Join pSWG

  • To facilitate the multidisciplinary approach to the study of cancer and chronic disease etiology;
  • To promote the incorporation of molecular and biochemical concepts and techniques into well-designed epidemiologic studies;
  • To provide an ongoing forum for the scholarly discussion and development of sound approaches to the conduct and interpretation of molecular epidemiologic studies;
  • To foster partnerships/collaborations with scientists in other disciplines;
  • To sponsor scientific and educational programs that will advance the field, including the MEG; and
  • To join a community of scientists studying the molecular epidemiology of cancer.

How to Join PSWG

  • AACR members in good standing have the opportunity to join and participate in AACR Scientific Working Groups and Association Groups.
  • Interested in joining a Scientific Working Group?  Log into myAACR and under “My Membership” select “Modify AACR Groups” to add the Working Groups you wish to participate in.
  • Not an AACR member? Join our esteemed organization and become a member today.
  • Email a member of the AACR Scientific Working Group Staff with any questions.

Michael J. Powell, PhD​
Deputy Director
Scientific Programs​ and Strategic Initiatives
Executive Office
(215) 440-9373
[email protected]

Raquel Castellanos, PhD​
Assistant Director
​Scientific Programs​ and Strategic Initiatives
Executive Office
(215) 446-7236
[email protected]

Jorida Çoku, PhD​
Senior Scientific Program Administrator
Scientific Programs​ and Strategic Initiatives
Executive Office
(215) 446-7190
[email protected]