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Scientific Working Groups

Members Dedicated to Conquering Cancer

One aspect of the AACR’s mission is to strengthen, support, and promote focused scientific initiatives that facilitate increased progress and enhanced cutting-edge contributions to the understanding of cancer by select scientific disciplines.

Pursuant to its mission, the AACR promotes enriched collaborations among cancer researchers with common interests in focused realms of cancer research. Working groups function within the framework of the AACR to explore expanded research opportunities and to advance discoveries that lead to greater knowledge and understanding of cancer. Membership in each of the Scientific Working Groups is open to any interested AACR members. For more information and related resources, see the pages for each group below.

AACR Scientific Working Groups Staff

Michael J. Powell, PhD​
Director, ​Scientific Programs and Strategic Initiatives​
Executive Office
(215) 440-9373
[email protected]

Raquel Castellanos, PhD​
Assistant Director, Scientific Programs​ and Strategic Initiatives​
Executive Office
(215) 446-7236
[email protected]

Jorida Çoku, PhD​
Senior Scientific Program Administrator, ​Scientific Programs​ and Strategic Initiatives​
Executive Office
(215) 446-7190
[email protected]