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About the AACR Academy Medal

Fellows of the AACR Academy Medal Front: Spheres illustrate the integrated and progressive relationships between cancer initiation, progression, and elimination through epidemiological, basic, translational, and clinical cancer research

Cancer Initiation: The medal spiral begins with the presence of chromosomal abnormalities and other cancer-initiating factors such as Helicobacter pylori and Human Papillomavirus

Cancer Progression: Illustrated cells represent neoplastic transformation in tumorigenesis  

Double Helices: Symbolize basic cancer research and the investigation of cancer etiology

Nitrogen Mustards: Symbolizes advancements in chemotherapeutics and anticancer drug discovery and development  

Electrophoretic Gel: Symbolizes translational cancer research and emerging innovations in cancer detection and diagnostic technologies leading to advances in genomics and precision medicine

Rod of Asclepius: Symbolizes the incorporation of cancer research and drug development breakthroughs into clinical practice 

Survivors: The medal spiral ends with a female and male silhouette symbolizing the limitless future made possible for cancer survivors due to cancer research-driven treatment advances

Fellows of the AACR Academy Medal Back: Hendecagon and eleven inset stars represent the eleven founders of the American Association for Cancer Research. Encircling the medal are the four principle values of the AACR mission: research, education, communication, and collaboration.