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Survivor Story

For Alejandro Mirazo, the decision to participate in a study looking at genetic risks for disease may have been lifesaving. The study identified his Lynch syndrome, and a follow up colonoscopy led to a diagnosis of colon cancer.

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About Cancer

Cancer is not a single disease, but rather a collection of diseases all characterized by the uncontrolled proliferation of cells.

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On the AACR Blog

About four of 10 cases of cancer diagnosed in the United States each year is related to potentially preventable causes. Read about cancer risk reduction in the AACR Cancer Progress Report.

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Cancer Types

February is Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month. Learn about gallbladder cancer including the treatment options.

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Cancer Today

Coping With Chemo Brain: Many cancer patients have problems with memory or thinking that can linger years after treatment. Researchers have new tactics that are helping people cope.

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Cancer Risk Reduction

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. Test your cancer prevention knowledge and learn about cancer risk reduction.

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For Researchers
AACR Annual Meeting 2023

The AACR Annual Meeting highlights the work of the best minds in cancer research from institutions all over the world. Register to attend by the advance registration deadline of February 24, 2023.

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AACR Cancer Progress Report 2022

The AACR Cancer Progress Report 2022 provides a comprehensive overview of the latest research-driven advances against the collection of devastating diseases called cancer.

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The AACR: Driving Progress Against Cancer

The AACR and its more than 50,000 members worldwide are advancing a scientifically bold agenda against the collection of diseases we call cancer.

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Mapping the Future of Cancer Science and Medicine

AACR President Lisa M. Coussens, PhD, FAACR, discusses the research-driven advances against cancer and looks to the future of cancer science and medicine.

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By the Numbers


million cancer survivors in the U.S. are living with, through, and beyond their disease thanks to research

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4 in 10

cancer diagnoses in the United States are associated with preventable risk factors

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new therapeutics against cancer were approved by the FDA from August 1, 2020, to July 31, 2021

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percent decrease of the overall age-adjusted cancer death rate in the U.S. from 1991 to 2018

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For more statistics on cancer, please visit our Cancer Progress ReportRead the AACR Cancer Progress Report