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Survivor Journeys

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Read inspiring stories from cancer survivors to learn how research is transforming patient care and saving lives.

Surviving Head and Neck Cancer Thanks to Immunotherapy

Bill McCone

When Bill's head and neck cancer spread and he was given a year to live, he turned to a clinical trial of an investigational cancer immunotherapy.

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Challenging the Odds of Recurrent Leukemia

Sergio Ramirez

When Sergio Ramirez's acute lymphoblastic leukemia recurred, he turned to an investigational immunotherapy to defy his poor prognosis.

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On Cancer and Identity

Liza Bernstein

The first time Liza Bernstein was diagnosed with cancer, she wouldn’t allow it to be part of her identity. After her third cancer diagnosis, she became an advocate for other patients.

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Fighting Childhood Cancer with Targeted Therapy

Emma Levine

After months of aggressive treatment that failed to halt their daughter's cancer, Emma Levine’s parents turned to a clinical trial for an investigational treatment targeting the mutation driving their daughter’s cancer.

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Clinical Trials: An African American Survivor’s Experience

Melvin Mann

Chronic myelogenous leukemia survivor Melvin Mann reflects on the benefits and the logistical challenges of his participation in a clinical trial.

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Rabbi Ben David

Rabbi Ben David

Rabbi Ben David was comfortable in his role of helping those in need, but he had to rely on others after his lymphoma diagnosis. The marathon runner has returned to an active life one step at a time.

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Focused on the Healing Power of Music

Billy Foster

Jazz musician and educator Billy Foster continues to work on his music as he battles metastatic kidney cancer.

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Keeping Breast Cancer at Bay with Immunotherapy

Eva Joseph

After being diagnosed with stage 4 triple-negative breast cancer, Eva Joseph enrolled in a clinical trial for an immunotherapy-chemotherapy that has her enjoying retirement with her husband again.

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Nothing but Time

Adam Stern

A father with metastatic kidney cancer embraces moments with his 3-year-old son while pondering how he’ll be remembered.

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