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Survivor Journeys

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Read inspiring stories from cancer survivors to learn how research is transforming patient care and saving lives.

Accessing a Clinical Trial During the Pandemic

Allyson Pile

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States, Allyson Pile and her oncologist worked to continue her access to her clinical trial drugs and tests that were keeping her stage 4 medullary thyroid cancer at bay.

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A Recovery Mindset

Laurie Betts

Researcher and esophageal cancer survivor Laurie Betts leans into past lessons learned, including the value of service to others, to get through cancer.

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The View From a CAR T-Cell Clinical Trial

Ellen Reich

After exhausting her treatment options, Ellen Reich got CAR T-cell treatment for multiple myeloma through a clinical trial.

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Control What You Can

CiCi Rojas

Business leader CiCi Rojas takes life lessons from lymphoma.

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Grinding Through It

Connor Joe

Connor Joe’s grit and determination helped him return to major league baseball after surgery and chemotherapy for testicular cancer that had spread to his lung.

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Navigating Metastatic Gastric Cancer During the Pandemic

Rachel Orth

COVID-19 diagnoses for Rachel Orth and her husband led to a month-long delay in getting several procedures to qualify for a clinical trial.

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A Pandemic-delayed Colonoscopy and a Diagnosis of Precancerous Polyps

Wenora Johnson

Wenora Johnson’s annual colonoscopy was delayed by four months due to the pandemic. For the 55-year-old woman with Lynch syndrome, the delay brought home the impact of COVID-19 and the importance of cancer screening.

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Despite Vaccination, the Blood Cancer Patient Doesn’t Have COVID-19 Antibodies

Larry Saltzman, MD

After participating in a clinical trial for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Dr. Larry Saltzman is still vulnerable to COVID-19 infection, despite being vaccinated and boosted.

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Managing Metastatic Melanoma Despite an Interruption in Treatment Due to the Pandemic

Federico de Armas Heinzen

COVID-19 travel restrictions meant Federico de Armas Heinzen couldn’t get to Los Angeles for the ongoing clinical trial that was keeping his stage 4 melanoma in check.

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Breast Cancer Treatment Interrupted By COVID-19

Julie Campbell

Despite taking precautions and getting vaccinated, Julie Campbell contracted COVID-19, which interrupted her ongoing treatment for triple-negative breast cancer.

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