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Survivor Journeys

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Read inspiring stories from cancer survivors to learn how research is transforming patient care and saving lives.

Living Well With Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Donna Fernandez

When chemotherapy didn't halt her cancer, Donna Fernandez turned to an immunotherapy trial drug to keep the disease in check.

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Focused on the Healing Power of Music

Billy Foster

Jazz musician and educator Billy Foster continues to work on his music as he battles metastatic kidney cancer.

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What It’s Like to Get a “C” in Graduate School

Carly Flumer

Carly Flumer reflects on being diagnosed with thyroid cancer four months into her graduate program.

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Surviving Cancer Thanks to Medical Research

Rocky Lagno

For recently married James "Rocky" Lagno, molecularly targeted therapy for his non-small cell lung cancer meant a return to a quality of life similar to what he enjoyed prior to his diagnosis.

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Choosing to Enjoy Life Despite Metastatic Breast Cancer

Lisa Quinn

Lisa Quinn was totally devastated when she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in July 2015. Eventually, however, she decided that she would make the most of the time that she has with her husband and young kids.

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Surviving Metastatic Breast Cancer; Advocating for Other Cancer Patients

Christine Hodgdon

Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 34, Christine's cancer journey took her from asking "What did I do wrong?" to "What can I do now?"

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Facing Cancer and a Pandemic at the Same Time

Kelly Conner, Jill Feldman, Sheila McGlown, and the Cunningham Family

Cancer patients and their families find new ways to support each other during the pandemic.

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Running Toward the Defeat of Ovarian Cancer

Kimberly Richardson

Kimberly's life was rocked when she was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. She became an advocate for her health and then for others faced with cancer.

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Living in the Moment With Metastatic Colon Cancer

Howard Brown

For two-time cancer survivor and advocate Howard Brown of Birmingham, Michigan, research provides hope while he lives with metastatic disease.

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A Driving Force

Mark Good

Mark Good uses every avenue to spread the news about prostate cancer.

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