Believe in Progress features conversations with cancer survivors, patient advocates, and leading researchers and physician-scientists. Hosted by Mitch Stoller, Chief Philanthropic Officer of the AACR, each episode highlights the importance of lifesaving cancer research and its impact on real people who have been touched by the disease.

Episode 17: Andrea Wilson Woods: Turning Loss Into Support of Liver Cancer

In this episode of Believe in Progress, Mitch talks with Andrea Wilson Woods about how the loss of her sister to cancer motivated her to start Blue Faery to help patients and families navigate liver cancer.

Episode 16: Hayley Dinerman and Melissa Berry—Creating a Support Community

In this episode of Believe in Progress, Mitch speaks with Hayley Dinerman and Melissa Berry about the mission of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.

Episode 15: Paul Stoller—Creating Balance After a Cancer Diagnosis

In this episode, Mitch talks with his brother Paul Stoller, a cultural anthropologist and professor of anthropology at West Chester University, about his cancer diagnosis and journey.

Episode 14: Matthew Marquardt—Dedicated to Defeating Cancer

Since seeing the impact of cancer on a childhood friend diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2012, Matthew Marquardt has worked to raise awareness and funds to defeat cancer. Listen as Matthew joins Mitch to discuss how to make a difference against cancer.

Episode 13: Patti LaBelle — Using Her Iconic Voice to Help Raise Awareness

In this episode, Mitch talks with entertainment icon Patti LaBelle about her advice and encouragement for supporting loved ones with cancer, having lost three sisters to the devastating disease.

Advancing Research-Driven Progress Against Cancer

This episode features American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Chief Executive Officer Margaret Foti, PhD, MD (hc), talking to Mitch about leadership, the AACR, advances in the field, and much more.

Episode 11: Finding Hope and Resilience while Running for Research

Rabbi Benjamin David talks with Mitch about how cancer changed him and awakened him to how he can be really attuned to people who are struggling. “It’s about being a non-anxious presence.”

Episode 10: Surviving Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

In this episode, Mitch talks with triple-negative breast cancer survivor Donna James, a corporate leader and respected advisor as managing partner of Lardon & Associates, LLC, about her cancer journey and how it impacts her advocacy for others with cancer.

Episode 9: Determined to See an End to Cancer

In this episode, Mitch talks with three-time cancer survivor Doug Ulman, the CEO of Pelotonia, a rapidly growing nonprofit founded in 2008 with the goal of funding innovative cancer research.

Episode 8: Screening for Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

In this episode, Mitch talks with Dr. Marianne Ritchie, a gastroenterologist at Jefferson Health and proponent of screening as a key way to prevent colorectal cancer.

Episode 7: Finding Help to Battle Anxiety and Depression

Mitch speaks with Marcus Smith II, a professional athlete, philanthropist, and entrepreneur dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental health, especially in professional sports. This important conversation coincides with Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Episode 6: Swim Across America for Cancer Research

In this episode, Mitch talks to Rob Butcher and Matt Vossler of Swim Across America, a nonprofit founded in 1987 that raises funds for cancer research, treatment, and survivorship programs through open-water swimming events.

Episode 5: How to Maintain a Positive Attitude

Mitch talks to Sarah Happy, a two-time cancer survivor, about her experiences with cancer survivorship and her illnesses, and their treatment remains a significant presence in her life.

Episode 4: Surviving and Thriving After Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Mitch talks with triple-negative breast cancer survivor and thriver Ricki Fairley. They discuss Ricki’s efforts to reduce the breast cancer mortality rate for Black women. Listen and subscribe today.

Episode 3: Shining Brightly, Finding Resilience and Hope

Technology entrepreneur Howard Brown, a two-time stage IV cancer patient, survivor, and advocate, shares the keys to leading a resilient life with hope with Mitch, in this episode of Believe in Progress.

Episode 2: Trevor Maxwell – Man Up to Cancer

Trevor Maxwell talks with Mitch about his cancer journey. Trevor, 45, has been living with stage IV colon cancer since March 2018.

Episode 1: The Power of Hope in the Face of Adversity

In Episode 1 of Believe in Progress: an AACR Foundation Podcast: host Mitch Stoller, Chief Philanthropic Officer of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), talks with acclaimed singer Lauren Hart about her cancer journey.

Believe in Progress

Trailer: American Association for Cancer Research Chief Philanthropic Officer Mitch Stoller hosts Believe in Progress: An AACR Foundation Podcast.