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Task Forces

AACR members research interests determine the direction the association takes in forming collaborations around critical scientific issues. One aspect of the AACR’s mission is to strengthen, support, and promote focused scientific initiatives that facilitate increased progress and enhanced cutting-edge contributions to the understanding of cancer by select scientific disciplines. Pursuant to its mission, the AACR promotes enriched collaborations among cancer researchers with common interests in focused realms of cancer research.

Within the AACR, focused interest groups of scientists form task forces to facilitate the development, implementation, and assessment of ideas leading to discovery in defined topics of cancer research. The AACR task forces bring together researchers who work to design approaches that promote, integrate, and disseminate novel developments in areas of special interest within particular fields of cancer research.

One goal of the AACR task forces is to focus attention on promising or cutting-edge areas of cancer research. The AACR is the convener that works to bring together distinguished, pioneering, and enthusiastic researchers whose common interests in specific questions about cancer research will synergistically propel advancements within the field. By maximizing the interactions of collaborating researchers and facilitating the interface with scientists and physicians from other research disciplines, the AACR aims to foster unique opportunities for exciting, rewarding research quests leading to findings that will improve treatments and therapies for patients.

Task forces highlight significant contributions within their fields of interests and seek to attract for publication in AACR journals the finest papers and abstracts that document those findings. Task forces also arrange special programs and sessions at the AACR Annual Meeting and special conferences for the display and discussion of research within their respective interests. Through the work of members and non-members who comprise the AACR task forces, the association seeks to expand its membership base while building meaningful, productive collaborations with other specialty organizations.