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AACR Journals – Exclusive Online Availability

Through its journals, the AACR is committed to providing members with innovative and impactful research covering the full spectrum of cancer science and medicine. To support the growth of dynamic multimedia-rich content and to align with reader preferences and evolving needs, the AACR Journals will transition to exclusive online availability, effective January 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As of January 2024, can I obtain print copies of individual journal issues?

A print-on-demand purchase option for individual journal issues is available exclusively to AACR members at this link.

Why is the AACR transitioning its journals to exclusive online availability?

The shift to a purely digital journal offering not only addresses environmental concerns but also allows the AACR the opportunity to invest further in the digital platforms and systems that facilitate the publishing process, from manuscript submission to peer review and online publication. Additionally, AACR will continue to leverage technology to address author and reader expectations regarding the discoverability and dissemination of the latest AACR-published research.

When is the transition to an exclusive online journal offering taking place?

The migration of the AACR Journals to a digital-only offering is effective January 1, 2024.

I currently have a print subscription to an AACR journal for 2023. What if one of the print journal issues is not delivered?

Members with print subscriptions for 2023 who are not in receipt of all journal issues may submit a claim for any missing issues through February 29, 2024. Fulfillment will be based on availability of the print journal issues. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

What are the journals-related member benefits for 2024?

All Active AACR members will retain the member benefit of selecting one online journal of their choice. They will also have the option to purchase additional online journal titles at discounted rates of 20%. In addition, Active AACR members receive discounted publication charges for articles published in the journals.

Members in other categories will likewise have the opportunity to purchase online access to journal titles aligned with their interests.

How do I access my journal subscription?

At the time of subscription, a username and password are provided to obtain online access to the AACR Journals on the online journals platform. Once the account is set up, go to the AACR journals page and log in to receive access to the digital journal subscription. For any technical difficulties while accessing the AACR Journals, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

How do I renew my journal subscription for 2024?

AACR members may log into their myAACR account to renew their digital subscription. They may also take the opportunity to purchase additional journal subscriptions.

As an author of a published article in an AACR journal, can I obtain print copies of the article?

All authors whose articles are accepted for publication have the opportunity to order reprints of their articles when they receive their article proofs for approval prior to publication. A link will be provided to the Sheridan Electronic Order Center where reprint fees are detailed and payment can be made. Authors who have questions about fees should contact the AACR Publications Department at [email protected].

Contact Membership and Professional Department with any questions at [email protected].