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ACORD Protocol Development Workshop

September 22-27, 2024
Pullman Magenta Shores Resort
Magenta Shores, NSW, Australia

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Chris Karapetis, Flinders University Medical Center, Adelaide, SA, Australia

The ACORD Protocol Development Workshop brings participants with new research ideas together with local and international experts who provide the knowledge, skills, experience, and global perspectives needed to develop high quality clinical cancer research. The Workshop uses problem-based, participant-centered, adult-learning principles including short, interactive lectures combined with small group, problem-oriented, protocol development sessions focusing on both clinical research methods, and on oncology sub-specialties. Participants also benefit from individual feedback from multiple experts as they develop their research protocols, and from the opportunity to establish ongoing, long-term, research collaborations. AACR has been a longstanding collaborator on the ACORD workshop and strongly encourages members throughout the Asia Pacific region to apply for the 2024 program.