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AACR Minority and Minority-serving Institution Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research Awards

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is extremely pleased to announce the availability of scholar awards in cancer research for full-time minority faculty and faculty members of minority-serving institutions (Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic-serving Institutions, and other minority institutions as defined by the US Department of Education).


The purposes of this award program are to increase the scientific knowledge base of minority faculty members and faculty members at minority-serving institutions, and to encourage them and their students to pursue careers in cancer research.


  • Candidates must have completed doctoral studies or clinical fellowships and hold full-time faculty status at an institution designated as a minority-serving institution or be a full-time underrepresented minority faculty member at another institution.
  • Candidates must have acquired doctoral degrees in fields relevant to cancer research.
  • Candidates must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or Canada.
  • Candidates must be the presenters of meritorious abstracts at the upcoming AACR Annual Meeting.
  • Candidates need not be members of the AACR to apply for this award.

How to Apply

Interested candidates must apply online by logging into myAACR and navigating to the Awards/Applications section located on top of the page.

Required Application Materials:

  • Applications for the AACR Annual Meeting 2024 and AACR special conferences can be completed in the myAACR membership portal. Provide all information requested. The applicant must list one mentor in a supervisory capacity (i.e. dean, department head, etc.) at the candidate’s institution who could certify the information in the application upon request.
  • Personal statement written by the candidate (no longer than two pages in length) describing the benefit he/she expects to derive from attending the conference and the reasons for the candidate’s interest in the conference.
  • One letter of reference from a faculty member in a supervisory role at the applicant’s institution. The letter should be addressed to the AACR-MMSI Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research Awards Committee, and should comment on the applicant’s academic and personal qualifications for this award. Letter of recommendation should be on letterhead with visible signature.
  • A copy of the abstract submitted for presentation at the meeting. Candidates must provide the abstract control number.
  • Curriculum vitae, including a complete bibliography (list of publications).


Awardees will be selected on the basis of their qualifications, references from mentor, abstracts, and an estimation of the potential professional benefit to the awardees.

An advisory committee consisting of senior members of AACR Minorities in Cancer Research (MICR) carefully reviews applications. Please note that when reviewing applications, the award selection committee will also strongly consider the following factors:

  • Candidates who are presenters of an abstract submitted for presentation at the meeting (or who have students presenting an abstract on which the candidate is an author);
  • First-time applicants.

Award Conditions and Reporting

  • In addition to scientific sessions, awardees must attend all special events organized for them.
  • Awardees must submit a written report commenting on the scientific sessions that they attended and the MMSI Faculty Scholar Award Program.
  • According to IRS regulations, the award is subject to federal income tax. Award recipients will receive additional related information.


A stipend to support participation in the selected AACR special conference will be distributed to awardees for expenses such as travel, accommodations, and meals. If an awardee is unable to attend the meeting for which the award is given, the award must be forfeited.

Award applications for participation in an AACR Annual Meetings and AACR special conferences:

  • The deadline and application form for applying for an AACR Minority and Minority-serving Institution Faculty Scholar Award for participation in an AACR Annual Meetings is listed in the AACR Call for Abstracts and for special conferences is listed online on the webpages for each conference.
  • Please also review carefully the abstract submission deadline for the conference you are interested in attending.

Generously supported by the AACR and National Cancer Institute’s Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities

The National Cancer Institute’s Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities provides opportunities and support for research training and career development of minorities and for involving minority institutions in cancer research, research training, education, and outreach.

Please note that this award, although funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), is administered by the AACR. All communications must go through AACR and not the NCI. Therefore, should you have any questions regarding the status of awards, deadlines, and award requirements, please contact AACR at [email protected].

2023 Awardees

Congratulations 2023 Minority and Minority-serving Institution Faculty Scholars in Cancer Research.

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