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Women in Cancer Research (WICR) is a membership group within the AACR committed to recognizing women’s scientific achievements and fostering their career development and advancement in cancer research.


The WICR Council acts as an advisory body to the AACR leadership on issues of concern to women investigators and is also responsible for organizing the activities of WICR through its committees. The council is made up of 13 members who are elected to serve on the council for three-year terms. The council elects a chairperson and approximately three new council members annually.


There are several opportunities for WICR members to contribute to fulfilling the mission of WICR through committee service. WICR members are strongly encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise by volunteering to:

  • Develop annual meeting and special conference activities presented by WICR;
  • Review award applications and select scholar award recipients;
  • Identify and encourage distinguished women scientists to run for WICR Council positions and other leadership positions throughout AACR; and
  • Mentor early-career investigators during professional advancement activities.


Any AACR member, male or female, who supports the mission of Women in Cancer Research is eligible for membership and is encouraged to join.

Find current AACR-WICR members via the AACR Membership Directory (when selecting, make sure that the drop-down box for WICR equals YES).

Contact Information

Robin E. Felder, Tamika N. Coleman, and Emma Passey
Membership and Professional Development
[email protected]