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Membership Directory

The Membership Directory provides important contact information for more than 56,000 AACR members (investigators working in all areas of basic, clinical, and translational cancer research, health care professionals, survivors, and advocates) in the United States and in 132 other countries and territories. It is an essential tool and a valuable benefit of membership.

Members may access the directory by logging into myAACR.

How to use the Membership Directory?

The Membership Directory may be used to discover fellow AACR members by their name, affiliation, or area of expertise. The Membership Directory is a member-exclusive benefit and is not to be used for solicitation. If you do not wish to be displayed in the AACR Membership Directory, please contact [email protected].

How to search AACR Members by Name?

  • Full Name ex. (Robert Jones)
  • First Name ex. (Robert)
  • Last Name ex. (Jones)

Please note that searches by first name or last name will include findings in the Full Name (e.g. First Name John returns FN John and LN Johnston, etc.)

How do I use the filters?

The filters are used to refine the Search results by certain key fields:

  • Affiliation filter: The Affiliation filter is used to list members in the directory who are affiliated with a specific hospital, cancer center, university, corporation, etc.
  • Primary Area of Expertise filter: The Primary Area of Expertise filter is used to filter results by one or many areas of research expertise which a member has indicated in their AACR profile.
  • State filter: The State filter is used to produce a list of members in a selected state or multiple states. *Filtering by city will be an upcoming option.
  • Country filter: The Country filter is used to produce a list of members in a selected resident country or multiple countries.

Can search results be sorted alphabetically?

Yes. The arrows next to the column headings will sort data A-Z or Z-A. The following headers can be sorted: name, affiliation, city, state, country, primary research area.

What happens if I click the Details button?

With a single left-click of the Details button, the directory offers a detailed view containing additional member information.

What privacy features are incorporated into the Membership Directory?

An extra layer of privacy has been added to the member directory. Members’ email addresses are not visible, but members may email their colleagues via the email feature. Only if the email recipient responds will the sender see the recipient’s email address.

Will all AACR members appear in the Membership Directory?

Members who have opted out of appearing in the directory, minors without parental permission and residents of the European Union and European Economic Area do not appear in the directory. However, these members may opt-in to appear in the directory.

How Do I send emails to my fellow members via the Membership Directory?

The email button on the far-right of the directory launches a Send Email window. This new window allows you to create a short email to a colleague member through the directory. The email will be sent to your colleague’s primary email account. After your colleague receives the email, the myAACR Membership Directory will no longer be involved in any additional communications. If your colleague chooses to respond, further email communications will be through both members’ email accounts.