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Membership Dues Rates

The Association Bylaws state that dues are payable for each year in advance by January 1 of the year to which they should be applied. The board of directors may terminate the membership of any member whose dues are in arrears for two years. Important Note: AACR members may sponsor an abstract for the annual meeting only if their dues for the current year are paid.

2024 Member Dues Rates

  • Active member dues have been set at $315. Active member dues for candidates located in countries with emerging economies* have been set as follows: Low Income $20, Lower Middle Income $30, and Middle Income $50. See this complete listing of countries with emerging economies.
  • No annual dues required for Associate membership.
  • Affiliate member dues have been set at $135. Affiliate member dues for survivors and advocates have been set at $75.
  • Emeritus members are asked to pay a voluntary assessment fee in the amount of $35.
  • Student membership is free.

*Special membership rates are available for members located in countries with emerging economies as designated by the World Bank.

Dues Invoices and Payment Methods

Dues invoices are sent to current members in the fall for the forthcoming year. Members can send payments with their invoice by mail, or online through myAACR.

Membership Transfer

The association makes provision for transfer between membership types. Existing AACR members who no longer meet the eligibility requirements for their current category of membership are encouraged to apply for a transfer to a more appropriate category by completing and returning the AACR Membership Transfer Form together with the requested documents.

Active members who have reached 70 years of age or have retired or who are disabled are eligible to transfer their membership to Emeritus status. To transfer from Active to Emeritus Membership, please complete the AACR Membership Transfer Form and return it accordingly.

For more information on dues, please contact [email protected] and for membership inquiries, please email [email protected]