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Patient advocates, physicians, scientists, and cancer survivors discuss their unique perspectives and shared experiences on topics in cancer research and advocacy.

A discussion between Candace Henley and Russell J. Ledet, PhD.

COVID-19 & Cancer
A discussion between Adam Hayden and Janet Freeman-Daily.

Lung Cancer
A discussion between Ivy Elkins and Jill Feldman.

Community Engagement to Reduce Disparities
A discussion between Marvella Ford, PhD, David Buchanan, DrPH, and Sanford Jeames, DHA.

Children’s Perspective on a Parent’s Diagnosis
A discussion between Katie McIntyre and Cayla Hanousek.

Advocates Reach Out to a Neglected Community
A dialogue between Cynthia Ryan, PhD, and Kirk Royster on homeless communities battling cancer.

How Cells’ Surroundings Contribute to Cancer
A discussion between Mina Bissell, PhD, and Peggy Devine.