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Previous AACR Meetings: 1991

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Cellular Response to Environmental DNA Damage

December 1-6, 1991  •  Banff, Alberta, Canada
Co-chairpersons: Philip C. Hanawalt and Malcolm C. Paterson

AACR-EACR Joint Conference
Concepts and Molecular Mechanisms of Multistage Carcinogenesis

November 6-9, 1991  •  Santa Margherita, Italy
Co-chairpersons: Peter Bannasch and I. Bernard Weinstein

Negative Controls on Cell Growth and their Breakdown During the Pathogenesis of Cancer

October 20-24, 1991  •  Chatham, Massachusetts
Chairperson: Robert A. Weinberg

82nd AACR Annual Meeting: 1991

May 15-18, 1991  •  Houston, Texas
Program Chairperson: Curtis C. Harris
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Membrane Transport in Multidrug Resistance, Development, and Disease

March 10-14, 1991  •  Banff, Alberta, Canada
Co-chairpersons: Giovanna F.L. Ames, Anna Maria Casazza, Carol E. Cass, Philippe Gros, Susan Band Horwitz, Victor Ling, and John R. Riordan

Development Genetics of Childhood Cancers

February 8-11, 1991  •  San Diego, California
Co-chairpersons: Garrett M. Brodeur, Webster K. Cavenee, Stephen H. Friend, and George F. Vande Woude