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Previous AACR Meetings: 1994

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Basic and Clinical Aspects of Prostate Cancer

December 8-13, 1994  •  Rancho Mirage, California
Chairperson: Donald S. Coffey

Translational Research in Cancer: New Opportunities for Progress

November 29-December 4, 1994  •  Asheville, North Carolina
Chairperson: Carlo M. Croce

AACR-Academia Sinica Joint Conference
Modern Developments in Cancer Therapeutics

November 7-11, 1994  •  Taipei, Taiwan
Co-chairpersons: Yung-chi Cheng and Cheng-wen Wu

Transcriptional Control of Cell Growth and Differentiation

October 16-20, 1994  •  Chatham, Massachusetts
Co-chairpersons: Eric N. Olson and Bruce M. Spiegelman

85th AACR Annual Meeting: 1994

April 10-13, 1994  •  San Francisco, California
Program Chairperson: Karen S.H. Antman
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AACR-Friedrich Miescher Institute Joint Conference
Growth Factors, Development, and Cancer

March 5-11, 1994  •  Interlaken, Switzerland
Co-chairpersons: Bernd Groner and Harold L. Moses

Cancer: Perturbations in Cell Cycle Control and Genomic Integrity

February 19-24, 1994  •  Banff, Alberta, Canada
Co-chairpersons: Lawrence A. Loeb and Thea Dorothy Tlsty

Molecular Genetics of Tumor Progression and Metastasis

January 31-February 5, 1994  •  Big Sky, Montana
Chairperson: Lance A. Liotta

Risk Assessment in Environmental Carcinogenesis
Co-sponsored by the Environmental Mutagen Society

January 17-22, 1994  •  Whistler, Alberta, Canada
Co-chairpersons: John Ashby, William H. Farland, Barry W. Glickman, Philip C. Hanawalt, Carol J. M. Henry, B. Singer, Thomas Richard Skopek, and James A. Swenberg