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Previous AACR Meetings: 2003

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New Directions in Angiogenesis Research

October 15-19, 2003  •  Chicago, Illinois
Co-chairpersons: Peter Carmeliet, Judah Folkman, and Zena Werb

Advances in Breast Cancer Research: Genetics, Biology, and Clinical Implications

October 8-12, 2003  •  Huntington Beach, California
Co-chairpersons: Carlos L. Arteaga and Lewis A. Chodosh

SNPs, Haplotypes, and Cancer: Applications in Molecular Epidemiology

September 13-17, 2003  •  Key Biscayne, Florida
Co-chairpersons: Christine B. Ambrosone, Fred F. Kadlubar, and Timothy R. Rebbeck

94th AACR Annual Meeting: 2003

July 11-14, 2003  •  Washington, D.C.
Program Chairperson: Sara A. Courtneidge
[Note: The 94th Annual Meeting was originally scheduled for April 5-9, 2003, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, the meeting was postponed due to the SARS epidemic and was later held in July in Washington, D.C.]
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Mouse Models of Cancer

February 19-23, 2003  •  Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Co-chairpersons: Anton J. M. Berns, Ronald A. DePinho, and Terry A. Van Dyke

Oncogenomics: Dissecting Cancer through Genome Research

January 29-February 2, 2003  •  Phoenix, Arizona
Co-chairpersons: Susan G. Arbuck, Eric D. Green, Lynn M. Matrisian, and Jeffrey M. Trent

AACR Society of Toxicology Joint Conference
Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology of Cancer

[Organized by the Molecular Epidemiology Working Group (MEG) of the AACR]
January 18-23, 2003  •  Waikoloa, Hawaii
Co-chairpersons: Fred F. Kadlubar and John D. Potter

The TGF-β Superfamily: Roles in the Pathogenesis of Cancer and Other Diseases

January 15-19, 2003  •  La Jolla, California
Co-chairpersons: Joan Massague, Anita B. Roberts