Employee Engagement

Want to build teamwork, increase company loyalty, support lifesaving work, and have fun? The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) provides several ways for you to engage your employees in activities that inspire healthy living, fundraise for the AACR, raise awareness of cancer research and, ultimately, help us save more lives. 

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Fundraisers

Create fundraising events that are unique to your organization. There are no limits to the types of programs you can create. If your employees enjoy physical activities, you can plan a walk-a-thon or a running event. If you have gamers on your staff, how about a fundraiser to benefit the AACR through Players vs. Cancer (PvC)? Need more ideas…check out our DIY Fundraising page.

Team Up for an AACR Event

Throughout the year, the AACR offers opportunities for individuals and teams to participate in our events. You can create a company team to build comraderies while raising awareness and funds for cancer research. Check out our upcoming events, join AACR Runners for Research, or visit the PvC website to team up in a gaming fundraiser.

Wellness Program 

Many companies benefit from health and wellness programs that promote the wellbeing of their employees. One step toward better health is understanding cancer risk factors and preventable causes of cancer. By partnering with the AACR in your wellness program, you can provide employees with access to educational materials and fitness initiatives. We work with you to launch a wellness program or create initiatives to support your existing program. Offerings can include lunch and learns, fitness activities, team building events, and access to a library of resources with the latest information on cancer research, such as the AACR Cancer Progress Report, AACR Cancer Disparities Progress Report, and Cancer Today magazine.

Awareness Campaign

Rally your employees and the community to increase understanding about the importance of cancer research through social media and your company website. Challenge your employees to develop creative campaigns that share educational resources and raise awareness for the value of lifesaving cancer research. There’s plenty to share year round, with lots of cancer awareness days and months to motivate participation. 

We can work with you to customize an Employee Engagement Program that fits your organization. Contact us today.