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Give Me Your Genes

A talk by Laura J. van ‘t Veer, PhD

Laura J. van ‘t Veer, PhD, is a world renowned molecular biologist and inventor of MammaPrint®. Her research focuses on personalized medicine to advance patient management based on knowledge of the genetic make-up of the tumor as well as the genetic make-up of the patient. Molecular genomics contributes to the knowledge of who is at risk for breast cancer, how external factors may influence this risk, whether breast tumors are likely to metastasize or not, and which subtype of tumors will likely respond to what therapy. Her current research, involving genomics data of various types, is aimed to understand the molecular basis for early response to therapy as a surrogate for outcome prediction. van ‘t Veer is the Biomarker Committee chair for the Foundation of NIH sponsored multicenter adaptive clinical trial I-SPY 2, overseeing the processes for FDA-IDE biomarker usage and qualifying biomarker companion diagnostic testing.

Listen to Dr. van ‘t Veer’s talk on”Give Me Your genes and I’ll Tell You How to Treat.”