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Previous AACR Meetings: 1989

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October 8-12, 1989  •  Vail, Colorado
Co-chairpersons: Philip Furmanski and David S. Yohn

AACR-BACR-EORTC Joint Conference
The Cell Membrane and Cell Signals as Targets in Cancer Chemotherapy

September 14-16, 1989  •  Cambridge, England
Chairperson: Garth Powis

AACR-JCA Joint Conference
Molecular Aspects of Growth Control

May 28-31, 1989  •  Honolulu, Hawaii
Co-chairpersons: Enrico Mihich and Takashi Sugimura

Gene Expression in Cancer Cells

May 22-24, 1989  •  San Francisco, California
Chairperson: Inder Verma

80th AACR Annual Meeting: 1989

May 24-27, 1989  •  San Francisco, California
Program Chairperson: Bernard S. Strauss
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Molecular Events in Mutation and Cancer

May 21-23, 1989  •  Tiburon, California
Chairperson: B. Singer

The Roles of DNA Viruses in Human Tumors

January 22-26, 1989  •  San Diego, California
Chairperson: Harald zur Hausen