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Previous AACR Meetings: 1992

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Chemicals, Mutations, and Cancer
Co-sponsored by the National Cancer Institute of Canada

December 7-12, 1992  •  Banff, Alberta, Canada
Co-chairpersons: G. Peter Beardsley, John M. Essigmann, Robert H. Haynes, Lawrence A. Loeb, Malcolm C. Paterson, and Leona D. Samson

Genetics of Cancer

November 4-8, 1992  •  Hilton Head, South Carolina
Co-chairpersons: Webster K. Cavenee and Raymond L. White

Normal and Neoplastic Growth and Development

October 18-22, 1992  •  Chatham, Massachusetts
Co-chairpersons: Edward E. Harlow, Peter M. Howley, Arnold J. Levine, and David M. Livingston

Molecular and Biochemical Methods in Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention: The Path Between the Laboratory and the Population

September 23-26, 1992  •  Naples, Florida
Co-chairpersons: Myron Essex, Curtis C. Harris, Stephen S. Hecht, Barbara S. Hulka, Lewis H. Kuller, Mortimer L. Mendelsohn, Thomas E. Moon, David Schottenfeld, and Paul A. Schulte

83rd AACR Annual Meeting: 1992

May 20-23, 1992  •  San Diego, California
Program Chairperson: Webster K. Cavenee
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AACR-JCA Joint Conference
Molecular Oncology as a Basis for New Strategies in Cancer Therapy

February 10-14, 1992  •  Honolulu, Hawaii
Co-chairpersons: Susumu Nishimura and I. Bernard Weinstein