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Previous AACR Meetings: 2004

Where available, links to the meeting program, abstract titles, or online abstracts are provided below each listing. Please contact the AACR Program Development Department at 215-440-9300 or [email protected] for more information on a specific conference or to order a copy of the conference proceedings (limited supplies, print only).

Cell Cycle and Cancer: Pathways and Therapies

December 1-5, 2004  •  Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Co-chairpersons: Sir David P. Lane and Charles J. Sherr

Basic, Translational, and Clinical Advances in Prostate Cancer

November 17-21, 2004  •  Bonita Springs, Florida
Co-chairpersons: William G. Nelson and Renata Pasqualini

Chromatin, Chromosomes, and Cancer Epigenetics

November 10-14, 2004  •  Waikoloa, Hawaii
Co-chairpersons: Rudolf Jaenisch and Peter A. Jones

The Role of Telomeres and Telomerase in Cancer Research

November 3-7, 2004  •  San Francisco, California
Co-chairpersons: Elizabeth H. Blackburn, María A. Blasco, and Jerry W. Shay

Advances in Proteomics in Cancer Research

October 6-10, 2004  •  Key Biscayne, Florida
Co-chairpersons: Richard M. Caprioli and Samir M. Hanash

Jackson Laboratory-AACR Joint Conference: Colon Cancer in Murine Models and the Human

September 30-October 3, 2004  •  Bar Harbor, Maine
Co-chairpersons: William F. Dove and Sanford D. Markowitz

AACR-Lustgarten Foundation Joint Conference
Pancreatic Cancer 2004: Advances and Challenges

June 25-27, 2004  •  San Francisco, California
Chairperson: Margaret A. Tempero

95th AACR Annual Meeting: 2004

March 27-31, 2004  •  Orlando, Florida
Program Chairperson: Geoffrey M. Wahl
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Radiation Biology and Cancer: From Molecular Responses to the Clinic

February 18 – 22, 2004  •  Dana Point, California
Co-chairpersons: George Iliakis, Michael B. Kastan, and Susan S. Wallace

AACR-JCA Joint Conference
Advances in Cancer Research

January 25-29, 2004  •  Waikoloa, Hawaii
Co-chairpersons: Waun Ki Hong and Takashi Tsuruo