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Stand Up To Cancer Dream Team and Research Team Grants

A Dream Team is a scientific task force, a collaboration of top researchers at different institutions who come together to develop new and improved approaches to cancer. By pooling their knowledge and their resources and working together for common goals, they can make progress faster and move therapies and treatments from the laboratory to doctors’ offices, where they can benefit patients. Research Teams are typically smaller than Dream Teams but have the same overarching goal of pursuing the most promising research, accelerating the discovery of new therapies for cancer patients and/or advancing efforts in cancer prevention research.

Meet the active SU2C Dream and Research Teams

SU2C Gastric Cancer Interception Research Team. “Early detection and interception of diffuse and intestinal gastric cancer.”

SU2C Colorectal Cancer Dream Team. “Targeting genomic, metabolic and immunologic vulnerabilities of colorectal cancer”

SU2C-Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Dream Team. “Transforming pancreatic cancer to a treatable disease”