Establish a Research Fund

Building lasting partnerships is at the very core of our mission. Your support of innovative projects is building a vital pipeline of cancer research talent that will carry our mission into the future. This effort to understand, prevent, and cure cancer is propelled by the support we receive from individuals, foundations, and corporations, large and small. Working together, we are making progress in cancer research.

Our members are drawn from every discipline in cancer science and medicine. We identify the most promising work in any area of cancer research – from cancer genomics, to personalized medicine, to site-specific adult and childhood cancers.

A highly focused scientific organization, the AACR is nimble and well-positioned to rapidly identify high-quality research, putting donor funds to work where they can have the greatest impact.

The AACR receives hundreds of proposals each year from the brightest minds in cancer research and through a rigorous peer-review process led by the top thought leaders in the field, we ensure that only the best proposals are funded. And we don’t stop there. We stay in touch with the researchers whose work we fund – to ensure that projects are on track and can share exciting new developments along the way.

Research is critical to understanding the intricacies of cancer, developing effective treatments, and saving lives. And we need the funding to be sure that these bold and innovative ideas of great promise don’t go unexplored.

With your support, we can continue to advance the science and medicine that save lives, bringing the benefits of groundbreaking research to patients today and in the future.

Donor funding can be directed to a specific area of cancer research, or can be allocated by AACR to a high-potential scientific area. Specific gift opportunities include:

Our Promise

As your scientific partner, we identify and fund the most promising research projects. Over the course of the grant cycle, we work with you, as an extension of your organization, to communicate progress and the impact your funding is making.

Together, we will find the cures that save lives.

Contact us to discuss how you can make an impact on cancer research today!​