Cancer Research Catalyst’s 10 Most-read Blog Posts of 2014

New Year’s Day marked the six month anniversary of the AACR’s blog, which seemed an appropriate time to examine what people are really reading on this new communications vehicle. Since our launch July 1, 2014, we have published posts on a variety of cancer research topics. Below are the 10 that attracted the most attention last year. They cover a lot of ground, from breast cancer prevention to new FDA approvals; and from groundbreaking immunotherapies to that old medicine cabinet standby, aspirin.

Thanks for reading as Cancer Research Catalyst got off the ground. And please stick around – we have more great content planned for 2015. Happy New Year!

  1. Groundbreaking Cancer Immunotherapeutic Approved by FDA
  2. Cancer Immunotherapy: Breaking Through to the Standard of Care
  3. A Youthful Approach: Expanding the Reach of Breast Cancer Prevention
  4. The Curious Case of the Exceptional Responder
  5. New Findings Open Doors for Rational Lung Cancer Treatment Strategies
  6. SABCS 2014: A Bullet Against Breast Cancer Women Aren’t Using
  7. Cancer Genomics: Using Big Data to Advance Breast Cancer Risk Prediction
  8. Advancing Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer
  9. New Type of Cancer Immunotherapeutic Approved by FDA: What It Means for Leukemia Patients
  10. Good Old Aspirin: A Savior for Cancer Patients?