Which Cancer Research, Treatment Stories Made Our Top 10 List?

The past year brought promising news on many fronts in the battle to prevent and treat cancer. In the nation’s capital, Vice President Joe Biden continued to lead the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative, setting forth ambitious goals to achieve progress more quickly. New or expanded drug approvals brought additional treatment options to patients suffering from ovarian cancer, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, and more. Meanwhile, researchers sought ways to refine immunotherapy and targeted therapies in order to achieve better outcomes for patients.

Cancer Research Catalyst, the blog of the American Association for Cancer Research, has covered many of these developments. A look at the 10 most-read posts of the year illustrates the steady pace of progress.

Our top 10 posts of 2016:

Can We Treat Colorectal Cancer With Immunotherapy?

Experts Forecast Cancer Prevention and Treatment Advances in 2016

AACR Joins With Melanoma Experts to Warn of Dangers from Tanning Beds

FDA Approves First Liquid Biopsy Test for Lung Cancer Patients

AACR Annual Meeting 2016: A Microdevice That Has the Potential to Find the Right Cancer Treatment for a Patient

Why Does Immunotherapy Not Benefit Everyone Long-term?

A Need to Increase Awareness of HPV Vaccines and Cervical Cancer Prevention

Advances in Immunotherapy: Fine-tuning CAR T Cells

AACR Annual Meeting 2016: Can a Universal Adaptor Overcome CAR T-cell Immunotherapy Limitations?

Top Trend in Healthcare in 2015: Cancer Immunotherapy

Here at the AACR, we’re hopeful that 2017 will bring a fresh wave of advances against cancer. Cancer Research Catalyst will be ready to bring report on any and all developments. Here’s a link to subscribe, to make sure you don’t miss a post.

Happy New Year!