AACR and Bayer Grants Support Innovative Research

The AACR-Bayer Innovation and Discovery Grants program supports researchers who are seeking to develop new treatment options for cancers with high unmet medical need. The program aims to encourage innovation and translation of ideas from basic research into novel drugs, and to foster collaborations between academic groups and the pharmaceutical industry.

Recently, the American Association for Cancer Research and Bayer presented $250,000 in grants to 10 emerging scientists working in the promising areas of oncogenic signaling, immuno-oncology, and targeted thorium and antibody drug conjugates.

Chandra Ramanathan, vice president and head of the East Coast Innovation Center at Bayer, wrote about this program for Medium.com in a piece titled “Tapping Into the Ecosystem to Find a Cure for Cancer.”

“We know that the next great idea — or perhaps cure — could be blossoming in the lab of a post-doc or a startup hungry for seed funding,” Ramanathan wrote.

You can learn more about these grants here and read the full article here.