We are thrilled that you are looking to expand your involvement with the AACR.

Your customers and employees all have personal stories involving friends, family, and loved ones who have or have had cancer— and would likely love to support your product or services in gratitude of your company’s philanthropic spirit.

What better way to show these folks that you care than leading by example in your community? The involvement level is your hands-on approach to making a difference to help cure cancer.

You can be a part of the Philadelphia community coming together to support cancer research in a variety of ways outlined below.

Cancer survivor shares her cancer story online


By partnering with the AACR in your wellness program, you can provide employees with access to educational materials and fitness initiatives. Find educational materials in the AACR Cancer Progress Report and Cancer Today Magazine.


How has cancer affected your employees or their loved ones? Develop a program where employees can share their cancer stories and engage with each other.


Ask your employees to participate in an AACR event.

Company volunteers supporting the 2019 AACR Philadelphia Marathon weekend events

The AACR Runners for Research Team

Invite your employees to join the AACR Runners for Research team and participate in the AACR Philadelphia Marathon, Blue Cross Broad Street Run, or another local or national race to support the AACR.

Cancer Research Lunch ‘n’ Learn

An AACR scientist will present the latest cancer research innovations and prevention data to your employees in-person or virtually.

AACR Onsite

We’re happy to set up a table in your cafeteria or lobby and talk to your employees or customers about the ways they can get involved with the AACR.


Recruit employees to volunteer at an AACR event or activity.

A Players vs. Cancer participant streams from the cancer research lab they built in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to fundraise for the AACR

Players vs. Cancer

Use your gaming platform of choice to raise awareness and funds for lifesaving cancer research.

Cancer Quiz

Test your employees’ knowledge with a fun game that will teach them about cancer and cancer research.

To learn more about these opportunities or to request additional information, please contact us at [email protected].