Afi H. Tagnedji

Afi H. Tagnedji

University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

Abstract 4037. The effects of n-acetyltransferase 1 gene knockout on the cytotoxicity of pyrimidine biosynthesis inhibitors in human breast cancer cells

What are your long-term career goals?

MD/PhD in pharmacology. Conduct laboratory and translational research on single nucleotide polymorphisms that influence variation in drug efficacy and toxicity response of cancer therapies.

Please share information about how the pandemic has impacted your research over the last two years.

Over the last two years, the pandemic has impacted the quality of my research experience, from participation in the R25 Cancer education program having limited activities to research laboratories on campus limiting the number of researchers present.

Last semester, I lost two family members to COVID and a close friend to suicide. As a result, I moved home to support my family and could not complete my fall semester. So, unfortunately, I had significantly decreased research hours for the Fall 2021 semester.