Anshika Chauhan, PhD

Anshika Chauhan, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
Chandigarh, India

What are your long-term career objectives?

“I decided to pursue my research career studying the deadly disease, cancer. During my PhD, developed a novel and cost effective in-house FACS-based CTC (Circulating Tumor Cell)-isolation strategy for isolating live CTCs from oral squamous cell carcinoma patients, suitable for developing countries under the mentorship of Prof Arnab Pal. Using the newly developed technique, I am able to answer the fundamental question in metastasis biology: what characteristics makes CTCs different from other malignant cells of primary tumor. I am also trying to identify and validate poor prognostic signatures by analyzing transcriptome of CTCs. Overall, my long-term goal is to delve into the depth of CTC biology and develop CTC based diagnosis suitable for LMICs.”

Abstract #2771: Increased mtDNA copy number via EPOR signaling: A potential mechanism for metastatic dissemination in Head and Neck Squamous cell carcinoma.

Poster Session: PO.TB04.02