Kelly M. Servick

Kelly M. Servick

“War of Nerves”

Science Magazine

“War of Nerves” Is about the fascinating new finding of the innervation of tumors. Tumors co-opt mechanisms that allow nerves to develop and grow within the tumor microenvironment, akin to the way blood vessels do. In this article, Servick describes the origins of the findings, in a very personal and commanding way, beginning with the description of a young pathologist making an observation in a tumor specimen, and then following that into what is now a rapidly burgeoning field. The writing is engaging, and beautifully explains some very complex literature, and moreover is a bit of a “scoop” in that it is describing a field that is not well known but has the potential for huge impact in cancer research. One of the reviewers described it as similar to the first hints that angiogenesis, the growth of blood vessels in the tumor, would become as important as it has. Finally, the graphics were superlative, beautifully designed, extremely clear, and simple, yet accurate.

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