Making Sense of Cancer Screening Guidelines

In our first Progress and Promise Against Cancer Webinar, a new series by the AACR and Cancer Today, our experts discussed recommendations.

Are you confused about when to start getting mammograms or prostate-specific antigen testing for prostate cancer? Are you still wondering about the best approach and timing for colorectal cancer screening?

On February 16, 2016, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and Cancer Today hosted a webinar to learn from top experts in breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer screening. Panelists discussed the various guidelines and provided perspective on determining the best course of action so you can make an individualized decision with your doctor.


William G. Nelson, MD, PhD - Moderator

William G. Nelson, MD, PhD – Moderator

Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Today, Marion I. Knott professor of oncology and director of The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. A trained medical oncologist, Dr. Nelson directs a research laboratory focused on discovering new strategies for prostate cancer treatment and prevention. He is also a recognized leader in translational cancer research.

Read Dr. Nelson’s presentation, “Prostate Cancer Screening: An Update.”

Elaine Schattner, MD

Elaine Schattner, MD

A former oncologist and hematologist, she is a breast cancer survivor and patient-advocate whose experiences inform her current role as a medical commentator. Elaine is a frequent contributor to Forbes, and her work has been published in high-profile publications including The New York Times, TheAtlantic, and Scientific American. She is working on a book about public perception of cancer. Read Dr. Schattner’s presentation, “Breast Cancer Screening is a Choice.”

Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH

Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH

Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH, is vice president and division head for Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and holds the T. Boone Pickens Distinguished Chair for Early Prevention of Cancer. He serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Cancer Today. Read Dr. Hawk’s presentation, “Screening for Colorectal Cancer.”