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Previous AACR Meetings: 1993

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AACR-BACR-EORTC Joint Conference
Cell Signaling and Cancer Treatment

December 5-9, 1993  •  San Juan, Puerto Rico
Co-chairpersons: Garth Powis and Paul Workman

AACR-IARC Joint Conference
Interactions of Cancer Susceptibility Genes and Environmental Carcinogens

November 9-13, 1993  •  Lyon, France
Co-chairpersons: Frederick P. Li and Ruggero Montesano

Molecular Approaches to Cancer Immunotherapy

November 7-11, 1993  •  Asheville, North Carolina
Chairperson: Ralph A. Reisfeld

Cell Death in Cancer and Development

October 17-21, 1993  •  Chatham, Massachusetts
Chairperson: Alan R. Eastman

84th AACR Annual Meeting: 1993

May 19-22, 1993  •  Orlando, Florida
Program Chairperson: Michael B. Sporn
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Genetic Control of Cell Growth

April 13-17, 1993  •  Galveston, Texas
Co-chairpersons: Leland H. Hartwell and Peter K. Vogt

Mechanism of Action of Retinoids, Vitamin D, and Steroid Hormones

March 15-20, 1993  •  Banff, Alberta, Canada
Co-chairpersons: Ronald M. Evans, David J. Mangelsdorf, and Michael B. Sporn

Oncogenes and Antioncogenes in Differentiation, Development, and Human Cancer

February 1-6, 1993  •  Big Sky, Montana
Co-chairpersons: Stuart A. Aaronson, Mario R. Capecchi, Carlo M. Croce, and Douglas Hanahan