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Previous AACR Meetings: 1996

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Programmed Cell Death

October 19-23, 1996  •  Bolton Landing, New York
Chairperson: Stanley J. Korsmeyer

AACR-IACR Joint Conference
Carcinogenesis from Environmental Pollution: Assessment of Human Risks and Strategies for Prevention

October 6-9, 1996  •  Budapest, Hungary
Co-chairpersons: Paul Kleihues and Frederica P. Perera

Inducible Genomic Responses

June 8-12, 1996  •  Stevenson, Washington
Co-chairpersons: William T. Beck, John A. Hickman, and Richard I. Morimoto

87th AACR Annual Meeting: 1996

April 20-24, 1996  •  Washington, D.C.
Program Chairperson: Lorraine J. Gudas
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Proteases and Protease Inhibitors

March 1-5, 1996  •  Panama City Beach, Florida
Co-chairpersons: Lynn M. Matrisian and Bonnie F. Sloane

Cancer Susceptibility Genes and Molecular Carcinogenesis

February 19-25, 1996  •  Keystone, Colorado
Co-chairpersons: Allan Balmain, Curtis C. Harris, and Kenneth Olden

AACR-Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research Joint Conference
Cancer and the Cell Cycle

January 17-20, 1996  •  Lausanne, Switzerland
Co-chairpersons: Edward E. Harlow and Viesturs Simanis