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Laura J. Esserman, MD, MBA

Laura J. Esserman, MD, MBA

University of California San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Class of 2023

Scientific Areas of Expertise: Breast Cancer Biomarkers, Integration of Care and Research, Novel Trial Design

For steadfast commitment to breast cancer research; her pivotal role as the architect of the Athena Breast Health Network, which gave rise to the WISDOM study, a trial of annual vs. personalized screening and prevention that has enrolled over 50,000 women; for the development of new and improved methods to classify tumor subtypes and determine optimal treatment escalation and/or de-escalation; and for visionary leadership of the I-SPY2 adaptive neoadjuvant platform trial for women with stage 2/3 breast cancer—the longest-running platform trial in cancer—which has tested 24 agent combinations over 12 years.