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Press and Public Information Officer (PIO) Registration

Thank you for your interest in covering the AACR’s scientific meetings. You may request complimentary press or public information officer (PIO) registration for a meeting using the registration forms linked below. Please carefully review the AACR’s full Press and PIO Registration Policies on this page before requesting registration. If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Venango at [email protected].

Press Registration POLICY

The AACR provides complimentary meeting registration to professional journalists for the express purpose of gathering news and information to produce media coverage of AACR meetings and conferences in news media outlets, broadly understood as magazines, newspapers, news agencies and wire services, broadcast outlets, and websites that consistently publish editorial news coverage. Press registration is intended for representatives of news media outlets that: 

  • Produce ongoing (>6 months), original editorial news coverage;
  • If sponsored, have more than one sponsor;
  • Clearly identify all sponsors and advertisers;
  • Have complete editorial freedom from sponsors and advertisers; and
  • Do not provide services that extend beyond publishing news content. (Outlets that produce CME content must also produce editorial content and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.)

To register as press, journalists must provide:

  • Official press credentials such as a business card, editorial roster or masthead, international press card, or letter of assignment, and
  • Bylined coverage from a previous AACR meeting or conference, or for first-time attendees, two examples of recent (<6 months) bylined health/medical/science coverage.

Freelance journalists without a letter of assignment may be eligible for press registration if they can provide a summary of their reasons and goals for attending the meeting and:

  • Bylined coverage from a recent AACR meeting or conference, or for first-time attendees, two examples of recent (<6 months) bylined health/medical/science coverage published in news outlets that meet the AACR’s criteria.

Members of the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ) who can provide proof of professional membership are permitted to register as press, regardless of assignment.

Broadcast television and radio crews must present valid press credentials from their respective media outlets.

Journalists working for medical and scientific journals must have proof of an editorial news assignment to register, and the publication must have a regularly appearing news section or a special meeting/conference news section.

The AACR will consider requests from other potential registrants not covered by the above criteria for press registration on a case-by-case basis.

All press registration decisions are made at the discretion of the AACR public relations team. The AACR may request additional information before approving a press registration request. Please note: Prior press registration does not guarantee eligibility.

Individuals registered as press for AACR meetings and conferences agree to abide by all embargoes. In advance of some meetings, the AACR may provide press program abstracts, press releases, and other materials under embargo to facilitate accurate and comprehensive reporting. Failure to abide by the AACR’s embargoes may result in removal from AACR pre-embargo press lists and dismissal from current and future AACR meetings.

The AACR requests that all coverage include reference to the meeting or conference where the research is presented.



PIOs, communications professionals, and writers from cancer centers, academic institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit cancer research organizations are welcome to register for access to meeting press rooms. Each institution is allowed a total of up to two complimentary registrations for PIOs, communications professionals, or writers.



Individuals who do not meet the requirements above do not qualify for complimentary registration or access to AACR meeting press rooms and press conference rooms. Some categories that are not eligible for press or PIO registration include:

  • Advertising, marketing, public relations, and other communications representatives affiliated with industry and outside firms
  • Individuals affiliated with companies that intend to produce content for internal use, advertising/marketing (including advertorials and sponsored content), or public relations purposes    
  • Journal representatives who are affiliated with publications that do not have news sections, or who are attending for the purpose of soliciting manuscripts and other submissions, advertising, or subscriptions from meeting attendees or exhibitors
  • Financial analysts and consultants

This list is not exhaustive. As noted above, all press registration decisions are made at the discretion of the AACR public relations team, and prior press registration does not guarantee eligibility.


To contact a member of the AACR public relations team, please see our list of media contacts.