What Are You Doing for World Cancer Day 2015?

Wednesday is World Cancer Day. This international initiative of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) takes place every Feb. 4, uniting organizations and individuals around the world in a joint effort to raise awareness about the ongoing fight against cancer and encourage their governments to make cancer research, prevention, and treatment a national priority.

Shanghai skyline

The AACR will host its second annual New Horizons in Cancer Research Conference in Shanghai, China next fall. This conference is one of many international activities the organization will undertake in 2015.

The AACR is an active member of the UICC, a global organization that comprises the world’s major cancer societies, ministries of health, research institutes, and patient groups. We are proud to support World Cancer Day. Cancer knows no borders, and we need innovative international collaborations to achieve the scientific breakthroughs that will lead to future cures.

This year, we will undertake several international activities to promote the exchange of ideas among cancer researchers around the world. These activities include:

The AACR has more than 33,000 members in 101 countries. Nearly one-third reside outside the United States. We are laying groundwork to better serve our members around the world, recently opening satellite offices in Shanghai, China and Toronto, Canada. In March, AACR President Carlos Arteaga, MD, and I will travel to Brazil to discuss potential collaborations with cancer experts and other leaders in science, policy, and industry from across Latin America.

With your valued help, we can do even more to address global cancer incidence and mortality. I hope you will join us in raising awareness about the global scourge of cancer and what can be done to stem the tide against this insidious disease. Use the resources below to support cancer research and promote World Cancer Day.

  • Spread the word using World Cancer Day fact sheets.
  • Share your support on social media using #WorldCancerDay.
  • Follow World Cancer Day on Facebook and Twitter. Follow the AACR on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Visit the AACR Foundation website to learn how you can take action to ensure that the momentum for cancer cures continues.
  • Donate to the AACR in support of meritorious cancer research projects.