Jorge Gomez-Gutierrez, PhD

Jorge Gomez-Gutierrez, PhD

Associate Professor
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, Missouri

Abstract 3286. Development and characterization of an oncolytic adenovirus armed with the immune checkpoint stimulator SA-4-1BBL.

What are your long-term goals? 

I recently accepted a full-time tenure track associate professor position in the Department of Child Health at the MU School of Medicine. I will be evaluated by the School of Medicine committee annually for three years and anticipate awarding of tenure on August 1, 2024, upon the committee’s approval. The committee’s evaluation criteria are as follows: 1) secure 50% of my salary as PI or Co-I through extramural grants; 2) at least one annual first- or last-authored peer-reviewed publication in high impact journals (≥ 5); 3) actively involved in graduate and medical students education and postdoctoral fellow training; and 4) receive sufficient peer-reviewed external funding to support my ongoing scholarly work. I expect to generate enough data with my recently funded R21 for a publication that will support the submission of an R01 grant by February 2022. I plan to publish at least one high-impact manuscript per year as a senior author. Additionally, I will continuously submit grants to federal agencies, including the NIH and U.S. DoD. I expect that by 2026, I will secure my first NIH R01 or another major grant.

Please share information about how the pandemic has impacted your research over the last two years. 

The experiments have been delayed because many lab supplies are in back-order, and the lack of personnel to perform these experiments also negatively impacts the overall progress of the research projects.