Sheila K. Singh, MD, PhD

Sheila K. Singh, MD, PhD

Neurosurgeon/ Scientist, McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute
McMaster University Medical Center
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Sheila Singh’s research program is dedicated to applying a developmental neurobiology approach to the study of human brain tumours. As a pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Singh is acutely aware of the needs of patients and clinicians dealing with these diseases. Her unique perspective as a surgeon-scientist guides her research questions and areas of focus.

The three types of tumours studied by Dr. Singh’s lab are glioblastoma, medulloblastoma and brain metastases. The lab employs a stem cell biology framework to the study of these cancers to identify and target the molecular mechanisms responsible for their development. Their goal is to determine which treatment refractory cells are leading to relapse and recurrence in patients.

Ultimately, Dr. Singh’s goal is to be able to take more targeted and effective therapies back to the clinic. To ensure that all of their findings have the potential to be clinically relevant, the Singh lab has cultivated a specialty in developing pre-clinical models and are steadfast in their commitment to working with brain tumor samples direct from human patients.