Sonia L. Hernandez, PhD, MPhil, RD

Sonia L. Hernandez, PhD, MPhil, RD

Research Associate Professor
University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Abstract 376. Sonoporated size selected microbubblesand liposomal doxorubicinadditively induce apoptosis in neuroblastoma xenografts. 

What are your long-term goals?

Become an independent researcher and lead an outreach center with international exchanges.

Please share information about how the pandemic has impacted your research over the last two years. 

Benchwork stopped for three months. I focused on a review paper that was accepted for publication, but the lack of an updated computer setup to work remotely made this slow as well. I downsized the lab in order to reduce exposure, and organized lab members in teams to support each other rather than in independent projects. This reduced our output at times but has prevented outbreaks, only one student has tested positive during vacations. Enabling work from home implied purchasing laptops for lab members, incurring unanticipated expenses, and resources diverted to remote work. In short, I have maintained productivity (papers and grants) by collaborating and working as a team.