Tony Hunter, PhD, FAACR
AACR Princess Takamatsu Memorial Lectureship

Tony Hunter, PhD, FAACR

American Cancer Society Professor
Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
Renato Dulbecco Chair,
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
La Jolla, CA

For the seminal discovery of tyrosine kinases and tyrosine phosphorylation of proteins that illuminated fundamental processes of cellular signaling and enabled the development of cancer therapeutics targeting kinases. His basic biomedical research targeting tyrosine kinases has since been successfully translated to over 40 tyrosine kinase inhibitors clinically approved to treat and manage a multitude of cancers. Further, Dr. Hunter is recognized for his tireless commitment to establishing and leading collaborations worldwide dedicated to deciphering the complexities of cancer onset and progression and improving cancer patient care.

The AACR Princess Takamatsu Memorial Lectureship is awarded to a scientist whose novel and significant fundamental scientific work has had or may have a far-reaching impact on the detection, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of cancer, and who embodies the dedication of the Princess to outstanding cancer research and advances that emanate from multinational collaborations. Her Imperial Highness Princess Kikuko Takamatsu was personally instrumental in promoting progress against cancer. She became a champion of these causes following her mother’s death from bowel cancer in 1933 at the young age of 43. To learn more, please visit the press release.

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