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SU2C Canada-Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Cancer Dream Team, supported by CIBC

Grant Amount $6,000,000 CAD
Grant Term4 Years
Start of Grant TermSeptember 1, 2015
Letter of Intent DeadlineDecember 8, 2014 12:00 PM (EST)
Letter of Intent Notification DateFebruary 2015
Application DeadlineApril 27, 2015 12:00 PM (EST)
Decision Date7/1/2015 12:00:00 AM

The Stand Up To Cancer Canada-Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Cancer Dream Team, supported by CIBC, represents a new, focused effort to implement advances in breast cancer research as rapidly as possible through the creation of a collaborative, translational, cancer research "Breast Cancer Dream Team." The most talented and promising researchers across institutions will be assembled into a Dream Team, forming an optimal configuration of expertise needed to solve key problems in breast cancer and positively impact patients in the near future. This Breast Cancer Dream Team will span multiple disciplines and utilize the new tools of modern biology to attack research questions in a coordinated way. Mechanisms to foster collaborations within and among the Breast Cancer Dream Teams will be employed - an approach that promotes the sharing of information and a goal-oriented focus on measurable milestones of progress. SU2C Canada and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation believe that this unique Breast Cancer Dream Team model will advance scientific research in the interests of both today's cancer patients and those who may develop cancer in the future.

Total funds up to $9 million CAD are available from the funders. Up to $6 million is available from CBCF, with support from CIBC, and Stand Up To Cancer Canada. In addition, The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) has made available up to $3 million of supplemental funds to support clinical trial activities should the successful proposal include clinical trial activities within the province of Ontario (please see "SU2C Canada-OICR Cancer Clinical Trials: Canadian Dream Team Supplementary Funding" document which can be downloaded from proposalCENTRAL).

This grant offers funding for a four-year research term, depending upon project requirements, and will be contingent on the SU2C Canada Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC) and the Breast Cancer Subcommittee finding that the funds are justified, and that milestones and deliverables have been appropriately selected and are being satisfactorily pursued and achieved. The funds must be used for research at Canadian institutions.

Research Project Criteria

The successful Dream Team will develop a translational cancer research project that addresses critical problems in breast cancer patient care. The project must include new anti-cancer therapeutic interventions for breast cancer that would be expected to improve progression free and/or overall survival, and deliver near-term patient benefit through investigation by a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional, synergistic Dream Team of expert investigators (therapeutics might include pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines, surgical interventions, and medical devices). The Breast Cancer Dream Team leadership (Leaders and Principals) should involve a minimum of 3 institutions from different Provinces. The project must be designed to accelerate the application of anti-breast cancer therapeutic interventions to the clinic (i.e., must include initiation of testing in human subjects within 3 years from the beginning of the research funding, and include plans indicating how the work will be translated into the clinic.) The ideas should be based on perceived opportunities for success as well as high-priority areas with a critical need for rapid progress beyond current medical care.

Eligibility Criteria

Each Team will consist of a Dream Team Leader, a Dream Team Co-leader, preferably, and we suggest no more than four additional Dream Team Principals, and at least two Advocates. No Dream Team will have more than one Key Personnel (Dream Team Leader, Co-leader, or Principal) from any given institution at the time of their initial appointment on the Dream Team. No more than two Leaders or Principals may be from affiliated institutions. It is expected that additional Investigators from the Dream Team Leaders' or Principals' institutions may be involved in the Breast Cancer Dream Team research project in some other capacity, and there is no limit to the number of Investigators from each of these institutions that may contribute to the Breast Cancer Dream Team project.

The Dream Team Leader, Co-leader, and Principals must have acquired a doctoral or medical degree, and must be independent investigators affiliated with an academic, medical, or research institution.

Citizenship Requirements

There are no citizenship or residency status restrictions, but the funds must be used for research at Canadian institutions.

AACR Membership Requirements


Application Instructions

Complete Program Guidelines and Submission Instructions are available on the proposalCENTRAL website.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or 416-797-5366