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Partnering with the AACR

The AACR is committed to engaging and collaborating with other organizations in the effort to fund meritorious cancer research and support innovative research models.

What we offer OUR partners

With nearly 30 years of grantmaking experience, the AACR provides its scientific and funding partners with the resources and expertise to develop and execute grant programs that accelerate cancer research and support the next generation of cancer scientists.

The AACR administers grants through their entire life cycle:

As an NCI-accredited grant-giving organization with access to an extensive network of cancer researchers worldwide, the AACR facilitates an expert peer review system that ensures scientific credibility and high ethical standards. The AACR also leverages its database of over 150,000 cancer scientists to solicit promising and novel proposals for consideration.

At the forefront of cancer science, the AACR maintains productive cross-sector relationships with government agencies, cancer centers, universities, industry organizations, patient advocacy groups, and other non-profits that benefit our partners. AACR meetings, conferences, and publications provide additional opportunities to further promote the impact of AACR collaborations and funded research.

If you are interested in exploring scientific and funding partnership opportunities with the AACR, please connect with the AACR Foundation.