Teri Griege: Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer Thriver is Running for Research


Diagnosed in 2009 with metastatic colorectal cancer, Teri has continued to participate in endurance athletics and is an AACR Runners for Research ambassador.

Inspired by her niece to run a marathon in 2002, Teri Griege was immediately hooked on what she calls endurance athletics. So when she saw the Ironman competition on TV one day as she ran on her treadmill, the St. Louis, wife and mother vowed to herself that she would participate in one of the triathlons.

Teri completed her first Ironman in 2008.

In 2009, as she trained for her second competition, she began to experience symptoms that suggested colorectal cancer, but ignored them. Two weeks after she completed that competition, she was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer.

Through her treatments – except when she was recovering from surgery – Teri continued to train: running, swimming, and biking. She feels that running in particular has been critical to her ability to live with the cancer.

“If they had told me I can’t do what I love to do, I think that would have broken part of my spirit,” she said. “Cancer research is the key for me to be here. The research is how we will find cures, but if not cures, research will lead to new therapies that will enable me and other cancer thrivers to live longer and better, more productive lives.”

That’s why she is committed to supporting the AACR Runners for Research team.

“It’s a lifeline to me,” Teri said. “Being a stage 4 cancer fighter, thriver, and knowing that research is the answer, if those runners go out there and are doing what they love to do and are raising money not only for awareness but for the research to hopefully find a cure, I’m all for it.”

On Oct. 31, 2015, Teri joined the Runners for Research team to run in the AACR Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon to raise awareness and funds crucial to innovative cancer science. As an AACR ambassador, Teri continues to participate in AACR events around the nation in support of innovative cancer science.