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Isaiah J. Fidler, DVM, PhD

Isaiah J. Fidler, DVM, PhD

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas

Class of 2013

A pioneer in the field of cancer metastasis, Dr. Fidler has devoted his research to understanding the nature of primary tumors and their ability to promote the establishment of secondary tumors. One of Dr. Fidler ‘s most important findings was that tumors are composed of heterogeneous cell populations. He further concluded that within these populations exist specific cell types with metastatic potential. Such findings have suggested that cancer therapies should be geared toward eliminating these small subsets of cells, thereby confining a tumor within its primary organ site.

Dr. Fidler established that cancer metastases represent non-random biologic events whose outcome depends on the interaction between unique tumor cells with unique organ microenvironments. This concept effectively transformed many scientific areas including cancer epidemiology and tumor biology, as well as drug design and development. The notion shifted the paradigm that cancer spread is genetically driven and therefore can be therapeutically targeted. Recently, Dr. Fidler has focused his expertise on understanding the basis of brain metastasis for a variety of cancers.

Career Highlights

2018 AACR Margaret Foti Award for Leadership and Extraordinary Achievements in Cancer Research
2013 Medal of Honor in Basic Research, American Cancer Society
2010 Lifetime Achievement Award, Nature Publishing
2007 Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
2003 Outstanding SPORE Investigator Award, National Cancer Institute
2001 E. G. Rosenblatt Award for Scientific Achievement, USA Israel Cancer Association
1999 Bristol-Meyers Squibb Award for Distinguished Achievement in Cancer Research
1997 WHO Gold Medalist for Biological Sciences
1987/1995 Outstanding Investigator Award, National Cancer Institute
1993 The First Raymond Bourgine Prize and the City of Paris Gold Medal
1988 AACR-G.H.A. Clowes Memorial Award
1984-1985 President, AACR
1983 Chairman, Department of Cancer Biology, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
1982-1985 Board of Directors, American Association for Cancer Research
1979 Director, Cancer Metastasis and Treatment Laboratory, National Cancer Institute
1970 PhD, University of Pennsylvania
1963 DVM, Oklahoma State University