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Associate to Active

Member Transfer Guidelines

Active membership is open to qualified scientists of any nation who have established a record of scholarly activity resulting in original, peer-reviewed publications relevant to cancer and cancer-related biomedical science, or who have made substantial contributions to cancer research in an administrative or educational capacity.

If your status has changed such that you are no longer in training and now meet the qualifications of active membership, you must transfer out of associate membership by submitting the following information via mail or fax:

  • Associate Member Request for Transfer into Active Membership Application;
  • Your current curriculum vitae and bibliography;
  • Cover letter from the candidate explaining the reasons for his/her request for transfer;
  • At least one letter of nomination from an active, emeritus, or honorary member. The letter(s) should comment on the candidate’s current research activity, the specific role the candidate has within the department, and why the nominator feels the candidate should transfer his or her membership from associate into active; and
  • If unpaid, current year’s associate member dues payment must accompany application.

Please note: Although your current year’s associate member dues may accompany this form, please do not submit payment for active member dues at this time. An invoice requesting payment of your active membership annual dues will be sent to you after your transfer request has been approved.

Associate members who wish to transfer to active membership must use the AACR Membership Transfer Form. After review of your transfer request and support materials, confirmation of transfer will be sent to members within one month of receipt of the transfer form.

For more information on dues, please contact [email protected] and for membership inquiries, please email [email protected]

Send the Transfer Form, and appropriate materials to:

Membership Department
American Association for Cancer Research
615 Chestnut St., 17th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19106-4404

Telephone: 215-440-9300
Fax: 215-440-9412
Email: [email protected]