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Associate to Affiliate

Member Transfer Guidelines

Affiliate membership is open to qualified individuals who are health professionals working in support of cancer and biomedical research, survivors and advocates who are members of organizations whose mission includes the advancement of cancer research, and educators or other professionals who are interested in and/or make substantial contributions to the cancer field.

If your status has changed such that you are no longer in training and now meet the qualifications of Affiliate membership, you must transfer out of associate membership.


Transferring your membership is fast and easy.

  • Online. Simply log in to the myAACR portal (you will need your username (email address) and password to access the system), click on My Membership and then the Transfer button to proceed.
  • Print. Download the print AACR Member Transfer Form and email the completed form to us at [email protected].

Submission Materials

The following materials should accompany your transfer application:

  • Most recent curriculum vitae with bibliography/list of publications,
  • Payment of current year dues,
  • Cover letter from the candidate explaining the reasons for his/her request for transfer,
  • At least one letter of nomination from an active, emeritus, or honorary member. The letter(s) should comment on the candidate’s current research activity, the specific role the candidate has within the department, and why the nominator feels the candidate should transfer his or her membership from associate into active.

Contact the Membership Department if you have any questions or require assistance with transferring your membership.

Email[email protected].

Telephone: 215-440-9300.