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AACR Stands in Solidarity with Asian-Americans

March 31, 2021

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is appalled and profoundly concerned about the disturbing rise in hate and harassment incidents against Asian-Americans in the United States. As a scientific organization focused on the conquest of cancer whose core values include diversity, equity, and inclusion, the AACR stands in solidarity with Asian-Americans in denouncing the attacks against this community.

The AACR deplores discrimination, racism, intolerance, and racial injustice in any form. We are deeply committed nationally and globally to realizing the vision of social justice and equity for all racial and ethnic minorities, and we resolve to work with our diverse membership to help create a world that achieves equity, unity, and justice for all.

The AACR will continue to actively promote high-quality, impactful science and policies that are focused on eradicating cancer. Further, we will champion the efforts of Asian-Americans and all researchers, physicians, and advocates who are working tirelessly to prevent and cure cancer in all populations. Clearly, only by utilizing and leveraging the knowledge, skills, and contributions of a diverse and inclusive research workforce that is unencumbered by racist behavior will defeating cancer become a reality.