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AACR Project GENIE: Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question is not found here or in the data guide, contact us.

Q. What percentage of the GENIE samples are also in the TCGA?
A. It is possible that a very small percentage of the samples are also in TCGA (~0.1%).

Q. Will there be therapeutic response data included?
A. Yes; however, these data will only be included on specific subsets of patients and will not be available until the time of relevant study publication.

Q. How do I get access to the data?
A. Go to and request access.

Q. Can I download the data directly?
A. Yes, go to and request access.

Q. Can I use a non-Gmail account to log in to the cbioportal?
A. Yes. We use Google Accounts to manage access to the data. All Gmail accounts are Google accounts but is possible to create a Google Account without Gmail, even using your institutional email address. Sign up for an account. After you register for cBioPortal account, please refresh the page, and log-in again, in order to successfully enter the site. Should you have any issues after doing this, please contact us at [email protected]

Q. Can I learn more details about the data themselves?
A. Yes, download the data guide.

Q. Can my lab/institution/company sponsor a clinical study using the data?
A. Yes, please email [email protected].

Q. Can my institution apply to become a participating center?
A. Yes, please email [email protected].

Q. What is the distribution of cancer types in the dataset?
A. The distribution is different for each release. To see the distribution for a given release, use the Oncotree codes in the clinical file.

Q. What genomic regions are covered by a center’s gene panel?
A. All panels are described in the combined BED file.

Q. What annotation method was used for the variant data?
A. The data was annotated with VEP, using vcf2maf as a wrapper.